Churches Together in Poole


Meeting of Churches Together in Poole 25th November 2018


Good Shepherd Church, Herbert Avenue




***AGM Date for your diary***   Tuesday 21st May 2019 12:30pm
St Marys Catholic Church Hall, 211, Wimborne Road, Poole


(changed from 22nd because of conflict of date)




Present: Peter Homden (Host and Chair for the Meeting), Nick Johnson (Note taker) Hilda Beddard, Paul Holmes, Chris Strain, John Webb, Neil Stevens, Ted Willis Mo Willis , Joan Percy, Jonathan Foster, Penny DRaper, Katja Bebei (CTinDorset), Ane Ainsworth, John Aisnworth,




1. Welcome and Opening Prayer


Peter welcomed everyone and opened the meeting with a prayer




2. Minutes of the meeting held in July


Minutes of the previous meeting were received as a correct record




3. Matters Arising


The Chair brought forward the continuing issue of the absence of a permanent Chair and Secretary. Nick Johnson agreed to act as Secretary until the AGM in May.  This was agreed by all.  It was suggested that the Chair should be a lay person but it was agreed for now that the Chair would carry on ‘rolling’ with the host of the meeting taking the chair, until the AGM in May (see amended date above)




There were no other matters arising that were not on the Agenda




4. Work with Refugees - URGENT


Urgent decisions are needed within this financial year as to how to make up the shortfall in costs in supporting this project. The annual cost is £5k with £3730 paid or committed, £1270 remains to be found to get us to the end this financial year - March 31st 2019.


All agreed that we should continue to be involved in supporting this work and it should not be onerous to get the rest if we work together.


Good Shepherd committed to paying £100 and Parkstone Baptists £300 during the meeting. Any church that has not contributed should urgently consider helping and any excess that might be achieved will be rolled over to the £5k needed to run the project next year,




It was agreed the collection taken at the Christian Unity Service would be devoted to the project


It was also suggested that we make contact with the Valentine Trust (Roger Gregory) to see if they might help


It was also requested that a short briefing as to where to send donations and how they were to be used for newsletters, notice boards etc. (Jonathan)




5. Christian Unity Week


Until Service - ‘Justice for All’ - 20th January 2019, St Edwards School Hall (not Sports Hall)


A question was raised about Public Liability insurance but it had been agreed that St Edwards would cover this (NJ had agreed to check whether we had any but had confirmed that as far as we know, we do not and should have. A proposal to CT in Britain and Ireland that they sough a national policy which would provide cover for all groups and cost a fraction of individual policies was not progressed)




There was a request for music that evening and the Vine church was suggested but it was also bought that school musicians may also be a possibility.


Most churches have cancelled planned services scheduled for that evening and directed parishioners to the Unity Service




Together at One


Hilda Beddard reported that Together at One would run at the Spire on the High Street through the week using the Churches Together guidelines with representatives of different faith communities leading the 20 minutes  service each lunchtime at 1pm for about 20 minutes




6. News from the Christian Communities




         Faithworks Wessex - Poole Conversation




FW had produced hessian bags labelled Poole Foodbank with a request that people fill them through Advent/December for contribution at the beginning of January when donations always drop off. The bags cost £4.50 and are part of the ‘Advent Challenge’




The food bank publish performance  and current demand to help people know what they need in particular.


Various other pre-Christmas initiatives that were happening within communities were  also talked about.




Paul Holmes asserted that the evidence was so clear that need is so extensive that some response to government policies and their effect should be part of the work of CT. This might include the promotion of ethical business practices that pay proper wages that reduce the expectation that public benefits systems will pick up the slack.


Some felt that the local Council as representatives of the community had a role in this. It was reported that the Council were aware but their funding had been cut and so they felt their hands were tied. A sub group was suggested to raise voice/have meetings




Poole Conversation is being replicated in other places - a sign of influence and the faith community being instrumental in change. Collaborative partnerships are producing fruit in the community. Reporting to St Mungo’s, Routes to Roots and Scared Support Team - ASB team referring.


Foodbank - Supermarkets are now highlighting food on shelves as ‘suitable for food banks’




         Poole Youth Conversation - this event was also very strong and sought the top 10 things of concern to the young people One was the state of the family unit, another was Safe Spaces. Poole CVS is looking at how we can respond. Notes of the event were promised but do not seem to have appeared. There is a need for information to be sent out to all churches.




          Hope in the Community - Some meetings - they are trying to put people i clusters, based on locality




         8th December - Poole Nativity (mobile) - being offered by St James Church at 4pm and 6pm - £5 a ticket


Also 8th December - Celtic Unity Service organised by St George’s, Longfleet Baptists and St mary’s Catholic Church - at the latter - 6pm




         Livability are producing material to enable disabled people, people with MH issues, dementia to be involved in worship (more than inclusion?). An accessible version of the bible was shown.




         The Bible Society have just published a Bible for teenagers which had received good reports form one recipient - Cf the Good News Youth Bible.




         Poole Chaplaincy and Parkstone Churches are ‘doing December differently’




         ‘Love Hamworthy’ - Group involved in developing regeneration in Hamworthy - St James and St Michael’s.




         A  pioneer minister has been appointed at Hill St, which is a very small community of older people is having final services at the end of November with the church closing at the end of March. They had planned to do this. The manse will be sold with the hope of buying a house Hamworthy. Half time funding for John Crood (Links to Jess - SML - plant The group commended the work of the community and their courage in facing the hard decisions they had needed to make.




         Poole missional communities had a visioning evening, stimulating, supporting - very positive




7. Date of Next Meeting


Tuesday 26th February 2019 - 12:30- 2:00pm - St Luke’s, Parkstone - Chris Strain to Chair


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